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Traveling to Libya in Febuary 2023: A First-Hand Account

Libya, a country with rich history and breathtaking landscapes, has remained relatively less visited by tourists due to its recent political instability. However, intrepid travelers continue to discover the wonders of this North African gem, reporting back with heartwarming experiences and vital travel advice. One such traveler recently toured Libya with Sherwes, a reliable local travel company, and shared his experiences and key travel insights.

The Travel Company: Sherwes

Sherwes, the travel company that facilitated this adventure, received high praise for their professionalism, reliability, and kind service. With several positive testimonials, Sherwes is a recommended choice for those considering a visit to Libya. They offer comprehensive guidance throughout the trip and are well-informed about the dynamic logistical requirements.

Flying Into Libya: Libya Wings

In terms of transportation, the traveler reported an optimal experience with Libya Wings for in-and-out flights to Libya. Although previously documented as a gamble, Tunis Air was also an option. However, based on a negative experience with a cancelled flight that was poorly handled, the traveler was glad to have chosen Libya Wings.


The beauty of Libya did not disappoint. Echoing the sentiments of prior travelers, our recent traveler was awestruck by the sights he encountered. While he did not specify the attractions visited, previous posts have highlighted the impressive ruins of ancient Roman cities like Sabratha and Leptis Magna, as well as the stunning Medina and the mountainous region of Nafusa. However, during his trip, he reported that all the museums were unfortunately closed.

New Security Measures

An important update for future travelers to Libya involves increased security measures for tourists. According to the traveler, it is now mandatory for visitors to be accompanied by a police escort at all times. A constant companion, the police escort would be waiting every morning and accompany the visitor until the night. Furthermore, the traveler noted that as they moved across different districts, they were tailed by a different vehicle or even a motorbike. This measure seems to have been implemented to ensure the safety of tourists as they traverse different regions within the country.

Several organizations were mentioned as potentially interested in the comings and goings of tourists, including the local police, the Interior Ministry, Libyan Immigration, the Foreign Police, and Interior Security. As a part of these increased security measures, the police escort had access to the visitor’s passport and other personal details.

A Special Mention: At Home Café

Aside from the historical and natural beauty of Libya, the traveler stumbled upon a quirky attraction in Tripoli: the At Home café. With a European and American vintage theme, this café offers a wonderful sea view. Its unexpected charm amidst the surroundings was described as “super cute and weird to find in such a visited place”, a testament to the surprises that await visitors to Libya.

At home cafe. (c) Stefan Samuelsson


Despite the increased security measures and other minor inconveniences, the traveler’s experience in Libya was undeniably rewarding. The beautiful sights, friendly locals, and unique discoveries like the At Home café left a lasting impression. If you’re considering a trip to Libya, take these insights to heart, keep your adventurous spirit alive, and prepare for a one-of-a-kind journey through a destination that promises endless surprises.

This article is based on a post of Stefan Samuelsson, published in the facebook group Every Passport Stamp


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